A time of innovation. A new political discourse.

Tech on Politics will feature guests like Eric Ries, Michael Birch, Ben Knight, Andrew Bleeker, Melody McCloskey, Mark McKinnon, Susan McCue, Leila Janah and Zac Moffett — with many more entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and political elites bringing new voices to the ongoing debate. Stay tuned for the launch of Season 1 in the Fall of 2016.

Sneak Peek, Season 1

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Sneak Peek, Season 1 Tech on Politics
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We regularly hear from beltway pundits about the state of our country. But many of the ideas shaping America’s economy come from entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley. More than politicians, these innovators are building the course of our nation and civic life. To make sense of it all, Tech on Politics aims to fill a clear void: offering Silicon Valley perspectives straight from the people influencing our future. Each show will bring intimate conversations with some of the greatest minds in technology, media, entrepreneurship, political advocacy, and venture capital on politics and the role of technology. Join us as Tech on Politics works to change civic discourse at a time when it is needed most.